Cold work mold & tool

Effective for machine tool parts that require low distortion
and nitriding depth and small high-power motor gears.

In the nitriding process for machine tools, which requires a white layer + diffusion layer of about 200 μm, distortion is being reduced in consideration of the finishing time of post-processing and the polishing allowance.
EH treatment that clears the high durability and high functionality required for nitriding treatment. Dimple processing is applied at the final finishing, and oil pooling effect and Mo-Black film can be partially added to improve sliding.
EPMA with dimple finish surface
Reflected electronic image
The treatment of various types of rolled dies is also highly regarded.

A uniform hardness distribution is the key to finish accuracy such as roundness after nitriding. It is also possible to process spindles, motor shafts, ejector pins, etc. with low distortion.

* Accuracy may differ depending on the heat treatment conditions before EH treatment. We recommended that quenching is processed by Licht Seiko Co., Ltd.

Usage record
Spindle (SCM435) / Carbide tip bar (SCM435)
Bit holder (SCM435) / Holder (SACM645)
Motor shaft (SUS420J2) / Tip holder (SUS420J2)

High-precision spindle Cross-section metal structure
SCM435 mag × 400
Machine tool For spindle specification