Two-chamber Edison Hard treatment furnace
A two-chamber type with heating and cooling chambers that provides a high-quality nitrided structure in a short delivery time.
Nitriding is performed in a ⌀600 × 800L treatment furnace according to the material and application.
Large-size Edison Hard treatment furnace
We provide Edison Hard treatment of high-quality nitrided structures in a large-size treatment furnace that supports single items of up to 3000 kg.
Maximum processing size ⌀1000 × 1500L
⌀1200 × 1200L Single items up to 3000 kg can be processed
Small-size Edison Hard treatment furnace
Small-size Edison Hard treatment furnace that can perform dedicated treatment at low cost according to various customer specifications
We can respond to various requests such as special temperature conditions with various furnace sizes from ⌀400 × 800L.
Large-size micro Vickers hardness tester
We can measure the hardness of the outermost surface of actual processed products such as die casting dies up to a maximum of 200 kg.

In addition, we can meet the needs of our customers with various types of inspection equipment. For details, please visit the Licht Seiko Co., Ltd. website
Measured product maximum 200 kg Measured load 25 g to 4 kg